Who we are
The LIMITEAZERO method develops as a continuous dialogue between the different souls of the project. From the first phases of the concept to the final finishing on site, every design aspect finds its own place, articulated in a coherent and harmonious system.
The content is matter to be shaped.
We translate complex content into effective and intuitive narrative structures. We give top priority to respecting the messages, meanings and values of each customer, so that they are communicated correctly and convincingly.
We design narrative experiences.
We connect design tools with the most innovative technologies, possibly inventing new ones. The goal is to always achieve a strong connection between the public and the customer's content, whether it's an institution or a company, through memorable experiences.
Many experiences for a common goal.
A team that includes designers, architects, media artists, graphic designers, computer scientists, engineers, scientific consultants, storytellers, project managers, to deal with any type of project, guaranteeing a transversal and highly qualitative professional competence.
Experience matters.
We started experimenting on the relationship between design and technology in the 90s. Dealing with projects that are very heterogeneous in size and type, we have consolidated over time a unique and in-depth experience with different scales of intervention. Our work methodology has been consolidated as a unique and recognizable style.

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Studio photo
Partner & Founder
Paolo Rigamonti
Paolo Rigamonti
Architect and designer, he first dedicated himself to architectural, interior, graphic and industrial design and then dealt exclusively with design projects related to new technologies, during this period he carried out consultancy and artistic direction for some of the main companies in the sector. He was partner and co-founder in 1998 of Limiteazero, as a laboratory for research and experimentation on the relationship between design and technology. He developed among the first in Italy the concepts of interaction and media design, topics for which in 2010 he was a consultant for the Treccani XXI Century Encyclopedia. He teaches at the Polytechnic and the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, and at the University of the Republic of San Marino. He is invited to give conferences, lessons and TED on topics related to the new frontiers of museography.
Alessandro Capozzo
Alessandro Capozzo
Interaction/media designer and creative technologist, approaches digital media from a humanistic background. He has established himself as a digital author, dealing with multimedia for the last twenty years and collaborating with numerous studios and agencies. At the same time, he undertook a path of experimentation in digital art, in particular in generative art. With his works, often pioneering for Italy, he has obtained various international awards exhibiting in galleries, museums and festivals in Europe and North and South America. He has been teaching for ten years, holding courses and workshops on creative coding and multimedia design in public and private academies (Brera, Santa Giulia, NABA). He has been a member of Limiteazero since 2010.
Head of Interior Design
Altea Bacchetti
Head of Graphic Design
Sara Nocchi
media designer
Samuele Tursi
Michele Lauritano
Roberto Alesi, Nico Angelone, Alessandro Aprile, Lorenzo Becerrica, Alessia Bissolotti, Giulia Brembilla, Debora Brioschi, Daniele Cagnoli, Elena Castellini, Rosanna Cianiello, Luigi D’Aloiso, Daniele Daldos, Alessandro Garzaniti, Nima Gazestani, Cecilia Gnoli, Soyoung Heo, Andrea Ingrando, Enzo Lo Re, Laura Macchi, Viola Masella, Alberto Massa, Federica Monti, Deborah Moretti, Paola Moroni, Letizia Nespola, Alessandro Ottenio, Stefania Papa, Lucia Rampanti, Gabriel Rapetti, Simone Rigamonti, Vera Rinjayani Arafani Irawan, Simone Savia, Andrea Sessa, Maddalena Silva, Nicolò Sinatra, Fabiana Spallone, Beniamino Sulfaro, Luca Toscano, Jacopo William de Denaro
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