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We transform unique ideas into memorable experiences. We give form and substance to complex stories to tell by choosing the most suitable languages, technologies and approaches, or possibly creating new ones.
Recent projects
The Nation of Plants
The Nation of Plants
Expo Doha 2023
Refin Experience
Refin Experience
Refin Headquarter, Reggio Emilia
Carabinieri. Biodiversity Keepers
Carabinieri. Biodiversity Keepers
ONU Headquarters, New York
Museo del Risorgimento Leonessa d’Italia
Museo del Risorgimento Leonessa d’Italia
Castello di Brescia
What do we do
We use a variety of
to obtain a perfect synthesis between creative technology and design. Each project is the
of energy and professionalism that work in dedicated multidisciplinary teams, whatever
the scope
final for which they are destined.
The first fundamental step in the design process. Ideas, concepts, values, objectives, intuitions, connect the team with the customer, working together to define the general vision, which will outline the aspect, dynamics and distinctive identity of the experience.
Content design
Each content is analyzed, structured, constructed, giving shape to a story, step by step. When necessary, a network of specialized consultants can explore individual fields of knowledge, providing specific data and information, to always guarantee authority and competence.
Exhibition design
Design exhibition itineraries at any scale, with a strong, clear and engaging narrative structure, integrating physical layout and technology into a unique system, to create memorable experiences for visitors.
Graphic design
Whether it's to transform the guidelines of an existing visual identity into new forms, or to design an ad hoc one, we work on fonts, colors, signs and geometries to give shape to the ideas that the project must express.
Every customer needs a different and specific tone of voice. Every textual content, on any media medium used, must be consistent and in line with a unique and distinctive communication model.
Information design
Give a specific form to each type of content: text, graphics, diagrams, animations, interactive exhibits, data visualisation. A structured and coherent whole, aimed at facilitating the understanding and assimilation of information by users.
Interaction Design
Design exciting and effective experiences to facilitate harmonious interaction between visitors and information. Whether it's consulting large databases, exploring technical, historical or scientific content, or
Creative Technology
A technical competence in the use of software tools, hardware and digital resources combined with a creative sensitivity, to create interactive and engaging artistic experiences. Ranging from digital art to interactive installation, from virtual reality to the use of artificial intelligence.
Custom software
Offering innovative experiences means not repeating themselves. Propose new solutions every time, new dynamics of interaction. Engineer and develop software that meets the expectations of each specific creative vision, for each project.
Design interfaces for intuitive, fluid and rewarding experiences, considering flows of interaction, usability and emotional aspects. Take care of the design and structure of all the elements, optimizing accessibility and aesthetic appearance.
Sustainable design
Visual Identity
Factory tour
Audiovideo and motion
Interactive exhibits
Immersive environments
Data Visualisation
Interior Design
Temporary exhibitions
Corporate experience
Retail experience
Special projects
Our customers
Requests and proposals for collaboration
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